Explanation about playing the Live Stream

This live stream is entirely about a professional CDN server provided by Streampartner, and is password protected.

The stream is not saved, but can remain on the login page upon request.


The playback is very simple, if you have had the password you can already log in.

If you are on the wait screen, the stream will not start automatically, press refresh regularly and only when you see a black screen, press play.

The player is available on every device.

If the video does not play smoothly, you have a slow connection.

The download speed must be at least 2 mbps.

Not sure exactly what your speed is? You can do a test here.


Do you want to see the stream on TV?

That works best with a Google Chromecast or AppleTV.

Do you want to cast it from your smartphone or laptop to your Google Chromecast.

Then you must open this website in Google Chrome.

The player also works with Internet Explorer, but then you have no possibility to cast.

If you see this icon, you can cast.

Make sure that your smartphone or laptop and your Google Chromecast are connected on the same network.


Do you have any questions?

Then you can always call or email me.



Johan Versluis

Tel / WhatsApp 06 4852 3986